Diese Webseite ist nurnoch eine Archiv-Seite. Das Projekt "Transformation36" wurde am 30.09.2021 beendet!
Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung sowie die tollen und auch schweren Momente in den Jahren.

This website is only an archive page. The project "Transformation36" was closed on 30.09.2021 !
Thank you for your support, the good and the bad moments in these years.

The Vision

How can we grow ecologically, economically, socially and culturally into a sustainable future? How do we create a healthy world for the generations to come?

MindfulnessFrequently asked questions (FAQ)
The Vision

The dimensions of sustainability

Referring to the five dimensions of sustainability and the holistic approach of the Global Ecovillage Network you will find in the following what we are already doing in the T36 to preserve this world and leave a better legacy for future generations:

Items marked with * are taken directly from the dimensions of sustainability. Without * are additions from the Transformation36 project itself.


Basic trust
  • You are welcome (unless you harm/discriminate against others based on their origin, appearance, religion, belief, gender, sexual identity or orientation)
  • The T36 offers space to communicate personal needs and to show your own abilities
  • We encourage to see strengths and weaknesses and thus enable further development
  • Together, we rely on free-willingness and together we try to become free of constraints.
  • It is important for us to recognize what someone really has energy for and develop an intrinsic motivation
Equalizing the emotional and the organizational*
  • The emotional level is given space.
  • From groups of two, to small and large.
    • There are rooms available for this purpose.
Strengthening social cohesion while valuing diversity*
  • We try to live without prejudice with the most unique people.
  • However, we also pay attention to our personal and community boundaries.
Practicing respectful communication and find peaceful solutions for conflicts*
  • Enabling communication through willingness to solve conflicts.
    • Use of group discussions, mediation, non-violent communication.
  • Mindfulness exercises with yourself, others and the environment.
  • Communication of feelings, emotions and needs, fears and concerns.
  • The T36 is a meeting point for (young) people in different life situations.
Strengthening cooperative management and co-determination at all levels*
  • Open meetings (house, project groups, finances etc.)
  • Establishing regional contacts and cooperatives.
Promoting health, healing, and well-being for all*
  • Healthy food!
    • Vegan, wholesome, preferably BIO
    • No industrially processed products (refined sugar, …)
    • No products that are highly polluting (palm oil, conventional food etc…)
  • Providing space for mental and physical healing work.
    • Healing room
    • Open first aid kit


Finding common visions and paths*

Everyone can contribute and participate, suggest projects, develop and contribute ideas and is encouraged to do so

Promoting mindfulness, self-reflection and personal growth*
  • We offer an experimental learning space and see the T36 as a research project on all levels.
  • Especially as a social meeting point, there is the possibility for intensive exchange and deeper processes can be initiated/accompanied
Strengthen]ing the connection to nature and learning to live sustainably*
Enrich your life with art and creativity*
  • Access to free musical instruments and painting/drawing equipment
Actively working for the preservation of community and for the protection of nature*
  • The T36 joint project puts the WE in front of the I without neglecting the needs of the individual while promoting the common good.
  • Regarding the protection of nature see Ecology section.

Whole System

Learning from nature and acting with the whole in mind*
  • We support the Lebensgarten, the projects, and people on site.
  • We do not lose sight of the global challenges.
    • We participate in Demonstrations/Petitions
We support the Lebensgarten, projects and people in the ground network, to be a support between people and places.*
  • Intensive cooperation with the Global Ecovillage Network and other communities worldwide.
Create awareness of your privileges and use them for the common good*
  • Create awareness of one’s own privileges and use them for the common good* Clarification of the privileges in the presentation/presentation of the project
  • Gratitude for this place is expressed and the place itself is dedicated to the general public (Thanks to Christian Benzin)
Select balanced solutions for the respective tasks*
  • In the T36 we occasionally choose pragmatism/feasibility over idealism/perfectionism
Pass on proven solutions for a good simple life*
  • The people in the T36 demonstrate what it takes for a satisfying life
    • This can be achieved through the visit and the “living together”
Appreciate and consider feedback from inside and outside*
  • Within the ecovillage Lebensgarten Steyerberg we receive feedback and support for the design, implementation, and development of our project.
  • Through the participants we also receive direct feedback and suggestions from outside our bubble.


Develop fertile soils, organic farming and regional food supply*
  • Cooperation with PALS (Permaculture Project)
  • Cultivation of herbs, spices, fruit and vegetables.
  • Preserving/canning, refining, drying of food.
  • Purchase in regional organic cooperation
Promoting the purification and preservation of springs and water cycles*
  • Detergents, dishwashing detergents, hand washing detergents, washing machine powders are largely biodegradable and in refillable containers
  • Collection of rainwater for irrigation
  • Unbleached recycled toilet paper
Using, disseminating, and developing ecological building materials and construction methods*
  • Use of natural building materials (clay, clay paint, wood)
  • Ecological insulation
Achieving 100% renewable energy and sustainable mobility*
  • 100% green electricity from natural power. (Wind)
  • 100% genuine eco-gas from natural power
  • Food is saved with e-cars (e-car sharing), bicycles or on foot
Recognize raw materials as valuable, avoid or recycle waste*
  • Low consumption
    • Thinking about what is really needed before buying it
    • Consider Second-Hand or Recycling & Upcycling before
  • Recycling & Upcycling/Second Hand
    • Repair and preservation of objects
    • Clothes and objects are used, shared and redistributed (Place called “Fundus”)
    • Sub-possibilities / groups initiated online (Internal website for information exchange in the village called “Infogarten”, Signal groups [Instant Messenger])
  • Saving food
    • Auehof, PALS, Foodsharing
Preserve ecosystems and cultural landscapes and increase biodiversity*
  • Maintenance of the gardens around the T36 with soil and biodiversity improvement.


  • All information/figures are freely accessible and can be requested
  • Open financial meetings
Rethinking and changing common notions of prosperity, work and progress*
  • Exchange-Free Logic
    • We try to be as aware of Exchange-Free Logic as possible.
      • Here is a list of what is already working without swap logic
      • Here is a list of what does NOT work without swap logic.
    • Voluntary financial support (donations)
Standing up for sustainable production, fair trade and conscious consumption*
  • Solidary “working and managing together” to have the possibility to be integrated in all processes.
    • SoKüWi (Solidary kitchen principle)
      • Here is an explanation of how the principle works
      • (See what is bought and why, where waste happens, what can be more sustainable)
Strengthening social and sustainable enterprises in the region that are oriented towards the common good*
Using sustainable banks and building regional currencies*
  • Acceptance/(use) of Minutos (Our regional currency)
  • Support of Minutos events (Südplatz-Fest)
Making a good life possible through economic justice and solidarity alone*
  • The T36 provides needs-oriented support to the people who refer to and support the T36. (And others)

Exchange-Free Logic - What does that mean?

Exchange-Free Logic is a needs-oriented system based on strengths and weaknesses, and also abilities and wishes. We are human beings and humans have feelings and are not meant to be a machines. Sometimes we feel good, sometimes bad, that's okay. Sometimes we can give more, sometimes we need more. What is important is communication, spaces for it, and trust.

Exchange-Free Logic does not mean free of money. We have costs and with money we can start and join/support great projects. You can find more about finances here.

> An example from Move-Utopia (german)

Exchange-Free Logic is only one point of our vision and how we try to realize it. If you want to know more ...

A few comments on the T36

"Ich hatte die Möglichkeit einen Monat lang die Projektleitung zu übernehmen und mich mit der Verantwortung und dem Vertrauen dieser Aufgabe zu beschäftigen. Diese Zeit hat mir viele Erfahrungen ermöglicht und ich nehme eine Menge mit."


"I am very inspired to find better ways to shift the social status quo from a space of scarcity into a space of abundance. Let us make a positive impact in the world."


"Ich bin dankbar für diesen Ort, wo ich einfach ankommen (und wieder weitergehen) kann und wo es Raum für Begegnungen gibt."


Interested in supporting the project?

On the one hand you can support the project financially. Of course we have to pay rent and utilities , so money is needed. Furthermore we also have costs for maintenance and repairs. On the other hand you may come and visit and grace us with your illustrious presence and be a part of the revolution in action !

T36 experience?

There's quite a lot of stuff here and the pictures look promising, but how is it in real life? How does it feel and what do you see only at a second glance? What will become of it, if you participate?

There are several ways to arrive at T36 and seemingly endless possibilities within the T36. Here are a few concrete ones, see what suits you:

    What suits you?

    Short visit

    You want to get to know the project? Then take a look at it for 2-3 days and get a real impression of an alternative way of life and everything that goes with it. Please register for this via the contact form.

    Longer participation

    You can imagine to bring your time and energy into the project and plan to participate for a longer period (1-3 months)? Then use the contact form, there you will find more information about the possibilities and responsibilities.

    Offer a seminar

    You would like to offer a seminar in the house (e.g. in the kitchen) and experience many extras with a group in an alternative setting? To be intensively together with a small group of 4-6 people in a group bedroom? Then write us via the contact form.


    Do you just want to write us something? You have an idea or you are moved by something completely different? Then write us via the contact form. It may take a little longer. If it is very important, please write us directly 🙂