Diese Webseite ist nurnoch eine Archiv-Seite. Das Projekt "Transformation36" wurde am 30.09.2021 beendet!
Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung sowie die tollen und auch schweren Momente in den Jahren.

This website is only an archive page. The project "Transformation36" was closed on 30.09.2021 !
Thank you for your support, the good and the bad moments in these years.

Mindfulness and understanding

The art of being good to each other, supporting and enriching each other. Light and shadow, Ying and Yang, everything may be there, if the frame is right.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)Supporting association (avev.de)

Mindfulness and understanding

We have learned in recent years that while mindfulness and understanding is conscious to most and is also the name of our supporting association, the practice is usually different. We are all on the way.

Our society trains us strongly on the "I" and less on the "we". But how do others feel if I am not careful with them and our common environment?

A few examples:

  • If I don't clean up, someone else has to do it.
  • If I break something and don't fix it, it stays broken or someone else has to fix/pay for it.
  • If I use electricity, gas (heating, hot water), or water, then it costs us (the project) money.

Actually it is self-evident, but always a reason to communicate and sit down together.

We have developed a mindfulness sheet for the T36 that lists many of these points, and with the "Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ" we hope to explain more and facilitate understanding.

A guiding principle: Please leave any place wherever you are a little better than you found it if possible. In this way the world will become a better place step by step through you.

A few more ideas on the way:

Put yourself in the place of others - Don't ask questions and don't speculate - Be clear, direct and honest - Take your time, listen, feel and be flexible

You will notice that many doors will open to you and your life will become more worth living.



Listening: We actively listen to others.

Talking: We say what is important. We speak in the first person and let others finish.

Respect: We do not fall into justifications, accusations, devaluations.

Learning: We learn together by listening and developing ideas.

Focusing: We concentrate on the essential and take breaks.


Taking responsibility

There is a big difference between feeling like a victim and feeling like a creator:


  • What happened to you?
  • Who is the culprit?
  • Why did he/she do or omit to do it?
  • What should he/she have done?
  • What should he/she do now to reimburse/repair it?


  • How did you contribute to creating the problem by doing or not doing?
  • What can you do now?
  • What can you learn from this?

The mindfulness sheet

As soon as you enter the T36, you are a fully participating person! This means that you take responsibility, first of all for yourself and your actions, but also for the community structure. We don’t want any rules, but it needs communication. Where is what, why is what, how and how do we get along well with each other. How do we maintain the house for the people who come after us and and and.

Basically we wish: Please leave every place, no matter where you are, if possible a little better than you found it. So the world will become a better place step by step through you. Thanks a lot.

Behind what you read in the following is usually a story, but it should also explain the basics so that you can have an easier stay in the house and make it possible for the others.

Practice mindfulness towards your fellow human beings and your surroundings/environment.


  • Ask about it. Do not speculate. Let us help you.
  • If you see someone new, please point them to this mindfulness sheet
  • If you read something below and have a better idea/supplement, please let us know
  • Do not leave a fire unattended (candle, stove, …), no water running, no light/electricity consumer (unnecessary) on, no heating (unnecessary) on, no gas (stove) on
  • Wear shoes only down the hall and down the kitchen, not in the healing room or upstairs. Please put shoes in front of the door to the shoe rack.
  • If you use something, please put it back in place so that others can find it again. If it is dirty, please clean it (glass/cup, dishes/cutlery, shower/bath, sink/kitchen, …)
    • When you have showered, pull the walls/tub dry, dry the floor
    • If necessary, clean the sieve/drainage and residues, also clean a little more
  • You notice something missing (toilet paper, soap, towel, tea towel etc.) then please take care of it
  • If you use something, be careful and try to maintain the item and keep it as long as possible (for others)
    • No sharp knives, wood, pans in the dishwasher
    • Close the windows when it might/will rain
    • Close doors (gently), watch out for winch, block doors if necessary so that they do not slam shut
    • Airing out the house to prevent mold instead of opening windows (especially in winter)
    • Do not damage floors, walls, door frames, etc. (especially during transport)
    • Do not step on radiators or unstable furniture elements
    • If your gut feeling says you should rethink/not do something, don’t do it anyway
  • Preserve the room
    Put your things to one side so that others have room
    • Plaster crumbly/tacky/dirt away,
    • Make it nice, inviting and pleasant for everyone (e.g. straighten the sofas, vacuum cleaning/sweeping, cleaning, sorting, …)
    • Coordinate with the others
  • Think ecologically and sustainably, for the sake of the environment and other generations (as much as necessary, as little as possible)
    • Pay attention to waste separation, e.g. empty toilet rolls belong in the paper waste and not in the small residual waste in the bathroom (If the waste is full, take it to the container and clean the container if necessary)
    • Save resources by turning off lights/electrical appliances, using little water and turning off the heating/using it as much as possible (e.g. put on more clothes)
    • window open=heating off and vice versa
  • Food is considered a common good
    • If you want to keep something for yourself, then signal this with a name on the food (e.g. with a piece of paper or written directly on it)
    • We do not want meat in the house
  • If you bring food or similar items here, you are responsible for them (risk of rotting or decay) until you find someone else to bring them or until the item is left in the house
  • You have borrowed something, leave a message with information how long, who, where, from when to when, at the infoboard and bring it back immediately. When you return it, check if it is intact. → If not, please inform the right contact person and we will find a solution.

Thanks for accepting and respecting ^^



There are many great ways to deal with conflicts. Be it with oneself, with another person, with a group/as a group with one or many.

The decisive factor is the desire to deal with the conflict and ideally to solve it. Conflicts are great learning and development opportunities. If this will is not there, even the best methods will not help. For this one begins best with itself, others cannot one force itself a conflict to look at and in the solution participate (sadly however true). So some conflicts remain unresolved even if a person is not willing to participate. This also has to be accepted.

Methods: 1-to-1 conversation, accompanying conversation, mediation (if necessary with substitution),

Supporting association – Achtsamkeit und Verständigung e. V.


The association was founded in 2005 on a family recreation for non-violent communication as a non-profit network for mutual support and learning. In particular, the association would like to emphasize the importance of mindfulness and empathic connection to oneself and others as a basis for further development and cooperation.

The aim of the association is to enable more contact between people who feel connected to the content of the association and who would like to use this as an orientation in their lives.

The association should be a network that represents support and security when we realize projects or take new paths in our everyday life, profession and private life on the basis of mindfulness, non-violent communication and the connection to our heart’s visions.

The association is a platform for projects, networking, joy and learning together.

Interested in supporting the project?

On the one hand you can support the project financially. Of course we have to pay rent and utilities , so money is needed. Furthermore we also have costs for maintenance and repairs. On the other hand you may come and visit and grace us with your illustrious presence and be a part of the revolution in action !