Diese Webseite ist nurnoch eine Archiv-Seite. Das Projekt "Transformation36" wurde am 30.09.2021 beendet!
Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung sowie die tollen und auch schweren Momente in den Jahren.

This website is only an archive page. The project "Transformation36" was closed on 30.09.2021 !
Thank you for your support, the good and the bad moments in these years.


The Transformation36

Hello! Nice of you to drop by. Transformation36 (T36) is an experimental house project in which we work, live, teach, and learn. It is located in the ecovillage Lebensgarten Steyerberg. We experiment with alternative lifestyles and explore sustainable values and processes.

The VisionMindfulness

Exchange-Free Logic - What does that mean?

Exchange-Free Logic is a needs-oriented system based on strengths and weaknesses, and also abilities and wishes. We are human beings and humans have feelings and are not meant to be a machines. Sometimes we feel good, sometimes bad, that's okay. Sometimes we can give more, sometimes we need more. What is important is communication, spaces for it, and trust.

Exchange-Free Logic does not mean free of money. We have costs and with money we can start and join/support great projects. You can find more about finances here.

> An example from Move-Utopia (german)

Exchange-Free Logic is only one point of our vision and how we try to realize it. If you want to know more ...

SoKüWi – The solidarity kitchen economy

This means that people cook, eat, and clean together. With the motto: Vegan, Wholesome, Rescued -> mindful and understanding.

Every day two (or more) people cook lunch and later two (or more) people cook dinner. Or sometimes not.

Since every day someone else cooks, there is a great variation and variety. After the meal everyone tidies up -> which with several goes really fast 😉

At any time one can sign in at the T36 on the fridge. There is a two-week plan of possible participation.

There is also the possibility to register for a fixed day (e.g. always Friday at noon…)

The food is on donation basis

What is an appropriate donation and how do you find out? How much can you give and how much do you want to give? -> Choose what feels best for you.

In addition, we have made the expenses and income of the kitchen transparent on the refrigerator, as well as the total house costs on a whiteboard in the entrance area.

This helps one to have a better view of what it takes to support the T36 through the communal kitchen.

The more money we have at our disposal, the more we can invest in special food. (e.g. soy yoghurt, vegan cheese…)

Vegan, Wholesome, Rescued

These are our current standards -> on which we can decide together:

Vegan: Because it is easier to keep hygiene standards and because it is more ecological.
Wholegrain: Because it is filling and healthy. In addition: whole food: Vegetable proteins, colehydrates, vitamins, minerals
Rescued (organic wholesalers, food sharing…): Because it works against waste (ecological), and saves additional costs.

Furthermore, it is refined sugar-free, wheat-free and preferably BIO.

How can you get involved?

  • Sign up to cook -> At the refrigerator personally or let us know/ write to us (Lea &/or Matthias)
  • Tell others about the SoKüWi and invite people to cook!
  • Donation (Also food (oil, rice, legumes -> maybe even something you would like to eat yourself here))
  • Lending or donating kitchen utensils (large boards, large pots, dish towels, cleaning utensils …)
  • Help with cleaning (there is also a monthly cleaning service)
  • Come to the meal – yes one can also simply come to the meal 😉
  • Give us feedback (e.g. What do you like? What do you wish for? What is possibly missing …)
  • Help us with projects (for example, we would like a new waste system for the kitchen.)

You want to get involved, but...

You do not know your way around the kitchen/house?

-> No problem, we will show you everything. Don’t be afraid to ask.

You have never cooked for several people?

-> Don’t panic, you can cook with someone who has done it before and knows how to do it.

You are missing information about the T36 and our values? You do not understand what we do here and why? What is (has been) happening here?

-> We are always ready to talk about our goals, wishes, history, challenges and problems. Feel free to come by. And we also enjoy listening to you.


Since the kitchen is now run jointly and communally, we all make sure it is kept clean. It is necessary for hygeine and a healthy space.

Everyone is jointly responsible for this and with many of us it is easier to keep the kitchen in order.

The dish towels are regularly washed at 95 degrees. Tables and surfaces are cleaned after cooking and the floor is swept.

The refrigerator is regularly sorted out and cleaned. The same applies to the oven, extractor hood, drawers, etc …
The vegetables are regularly checked and sorted ou, both in the kitchen and in the food distributor in front of the house.

We save food

Foodsharing at supermarkets in the area


Permaculture park at Lebensgarten Steyerberg (PALS)


Regional organic vegetable producer/wholesaler


Our BIO Vegetable Distributor

  • Just in front of the Transformation36
  • Freely accessible
  • Planted with herbs
  • Eclectic and Diversely filled 😉
  • Grab it

The first image of the distributor

  • Just before the transformation36
  • Freely accessible
  • Planted with herbs
  • Differently-good filled 😉
  • Grab it

Thank you very much for the support we have received and the many discussions and ideas!

Intro-Video of the Transformation36

2019 – english


January830 €1200 €
February483 €1200 €
March863 €1200 €
April829 €1180 €
May681 €1180 €
June1182 €1180 €
July1232 €1330 €
August1352 €1330 €


*rounded | Includes the basic costs, the special costs and NOT the upcoming costs

T36 experience?

There's quite a lot of stuff here and the pictures look promising, but how is it in real life? How does it feel and what do you see only at a second glance? What will become of it, if you participate?

There are several ways to arrive at T36 and seemingly endless possibilities within the T36. Here are a few concrete ones, see what suits you:

    What suits you?

    Short visit

    You want to get to know the project? Then take a look at it for 2-3 days and get a real impression of an alternative way of life and everything that goes with it. Please register for this via the contact form.

    Longer participation

    You can imagine to bring your time and energy into the project and plan to participate for a longer period (1-3 months)? Then use the contact form, there you will find more information about the possibilities and responsibilities.

    Offer a seminar

    You would like to offer a seminar in the house (e.g. in the kitchen) and experience many extras with a group in an alternative setting? To be intensively together with a small group of 4-6 people in a group bedroom? Then write us via the contact form.


    Do you just want to write us something? You have an idea or you are moved by something completely different? Then write us via the contact form. It may take a little longer. If it is very important, please write us directly 🙂

    Interested in supporting the project?

    On the one hand you can support the project financially. Of course we have to pay rent and utilities , so money is needed. Furthermore we also have costs for maintenance and repairs. On the other hand you may come and visit and grace us with your illustrious presence and be a part of the revolution in action !