Diese Webseite ist nurnoch eine Archiv-Seite. Das Projekt "Transformation36" wurde am 30.09.2021 beendet!
Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung sowie die tollen und auch schweren Momente in den Jahren.

This website is only an archive page. The project "Transformation36" was closed on 30.09.2021 !
Thank you for your support, the good and the bad moments in these years.


Short visit? Longer participation? Seminar or something completely different?
You can come to us on these ways.

Please inform yourself in advance on the page “Mindfulness”.

MindfulnessFrequently asked questions (FAQ)

Short visit

You want to get to know the project? Then come for 3-5 days and get a real impression of an alternative way of life and some of the things that go along with it. Be aware that short visits only provide a small insight. The complex connections (social, historical, local, …) can usually only be understood after months. Here you can experience and witness more than 35 years of ecological, spiritual community life.

Don’t expect to be able to get directly involved in projects and relax into the role of an observing person.
We are often asked whether people can be with us in exchange for participation in the project (including food, accommodation and everything else). Unfortunately this is not possible for us so far. Every person has to pay for the consumables. We want to act without any exchange logic and be low-threshold, but the last years show that a guideline value of 10 € per day in addition to the cooperation in the house (Schnibbel and cooking, aftercare and cleaning, …) is reasonable and partly also necessary for the project.

Longer participation

You can imagine to bring your time and energy into Transformation36 and to participate in a longer term (1-3 months)? You would like to initiate one or more projects on site yourself or participate in another project here? You would like to take responsibility for this house project for a while and find out what light and shadow such a task brings with it?

We encourage you! The people who have already done so have, according to their own statements, learned a lot for their lives. Trust, responsibility, knowledge about themselves and others, … A wide spectrum of experiences and feelings. We will take you on an exciting journey, you will have a lot of room for development and many doors will open for you.

It is helpful if you are mentally and physically stable, have energy and are honest. Openness and flexibility should also be your qualities. Also plan a short visit before a longer participation.


In order for the project to be sustainable, monetary contributions are currently necessary to develop a path to a more sustainable, self-sustaining situation. There is a tendency to offer the possibility of earning this amount of money in the life garden through unskilled work. If the money share is an obstacle to participating in the project, please contact us and we will consider a concrete solution.


You would like to offer a seminar in the house (e.g. in the kitchen) and experience something special with a group in an alternative setting? To be intensively together with a small group of 4-6 people in a group bedroom? The T36 also allows you to organize small seminars and workshops. We should discuss this in detail so that we can show you the possibilities and limitations.

Probably a short visit in advance will be useful and helpful for planning.


You just want to write us something? Do you have an idea or are you moved by something completely different?

We are happy about support of any kind. We are also happy to share information and answer inquiries (if we find the time).

Contact and registration

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Your way to us


Rosenanger 36, 31595 Steyerberg

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Public transportation

  • Nearby stations: Nienburg/Weser + Leese/Stolzenau
  • Bus connection: VLN line 10 from Nienburg railroad station to Steyerberg ZOB or directly to Lebensgarten (final stop)
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Interested in supporting the project?

On the one hand you can support the project financially. Of course we have to pay rent and utilities , so money is needed. Furthermore we also have costs for maintenance and repairs. On the other hand you may come and visit and grace us with your illustrious presence and be a part of the revolution in action !